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automotive connectors

CATV connectors

Computer, data & telecom connectors

High speed flat cable

Automotive Interconnect Systems

CATV Interconnects

Data / Telecom Connectors

High Speed Planar/ Flat Cable

Engineered cable assemblies

Fiber optic interconnection systems

Filtered data connectors

Flexible circuit assemblies

Engineered Data / Telecom Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optic Connectors, Assemblies & Cabling Systems

Filtered Data Connectors

Flexible Circuit Interconnects

Military and industrial circular connectors

Industrial power connectors

RF coaxial connectors

Smart card readers

Military / Industrial Circular Connectors

Industrial Power Connectors

RF/MW Coaxial Connectors

Smart Card Connectors 

Coaxial cables

dsub connectors

Antennaes for mobile phones

Connectors for mobile systems

Coaxial Cable

D-Sub Connectors

Antennas for mobile phones and portable equipments

Mobile Phone Connectors

High performance rectangular connectors

Fiber optics for harsh environment

Aircraft cable and pipe supports

Audio connectors

High Performance Rectangular Connectors 

Harsh Environment Fiber Optics

Cable and Pipe Supports

Audio Interconnects